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December 31, 2013  •  6 Comments

Another year gone by, many things have happened this year and I've had much success. Although, at times I feel like I've haven't done enough. My body says, yes you have, but my brain says...you can do MORE! Sometimes I can't stand that internal battle.

I started doing this last year and was extremely happy with the amount and quality of work I did in 2012. Thinking back on this year...I wish I had done more...wish I had created more. I felt restrained this year...held back by threads that are invisible. For 2014, I want to break out of the fog and just create, step out of the box I'm in long enough to let all of my ideas come out. 2014 is already looking promising in relation to my photography as I am looking forward to being a part of two shows. This year I am trying to bring to life some concepts that can truly open up more doors for my art. So today I will say...that I am ready 2014...ready to have my body catch up with my brain and create MORE!!! We are the controllers of our destiny and although we can't control life, we can control where we choose to take it. 

To all of the people who consistently stick by me, who comment on my art, who let me know one way or another that they appreciate it...Thank You! I cannot say how very grateful I am for you all. May 2014 bring wonderful and amazing things to your lives <3 

Here it goes...just going to list my creative work for the year that stood out the most for me. Some did not make it but most have been included. Again, Thanks for the support :)

Her Light

A Pending Bond

2013Her Light A Scene From His Movie

2013Her Light Through the Looking Glass

2013Her Light The Sin's of My Mother

2013Her Light Evolution of This Grown up Girl

2013Her Light Hold on, to me as we go...

2013Her Light Within Corners

2013Her Light Famine

2013Her Light A Long Way Home

2013Her Light From Long Ago

2013Her Light Table For One

2013Her Light Princess of the Lake

2013Her Light Sweet Landing

2013Her Light Friends

2013Her Light Haze

2013Her Light Tea with Alice

2013Her Light Her Quest for Beauty

2013Her Light

2013Her Light Metamorphosis of an Unlikely Kind

2013Her Light I am the Light

2013Her Light Bound By Her Atlas

2013Her Light I Offer you Chaos

2013Her Light Imagine Knowledgeable Innocence

2013Her Light A Mother's Soldier

2013Her Light I Love When Magic Comes Out

2013Her Light Autumnal Innocence

2013Her Light Seer

2013Her Light What Nightmare's are Made of

2013Her Light Release

2013Her Light My Lonely Girl

2013Her Light Nuestra Musica

2013Her Light 2013Her Light A Walk Among Leaves

2013Her Light Evolution of Imagination

2013Her Light

So here they are...in one place. I hope you all enjoyed taking a look at them once again. Every time I do this, it takes me back to the moment I shot them and it's an incredible feeling. To all of my subjects...A huge Thank you! :)


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Linda Tait(non-registered)
Sandra, I am in awe of your work. Your ideas and the skills you have to bring them to fruition are incredible.
I will seek out your work throughout the year.
You never cease to amaze me, some of it I am just seen for the first time and as usual it's amazing. Thanks for sharing, and have an amazing new year.
The pictures are awsome. I really like and my favorite one is… I offer you Chaos
San, I love this collection of photos.... But as you know I love all the photos. Hold on to me as we go and Princess of the lake are my faves... Your creativity is superb and I can just imagine what you will release from your imagination in 2014! Of course, I am very happy that you have promoted a new passion in your little muse. She looks forward to the next shoot and the story it represents. I can see in her eyes and in her reaction how proud she feels about the work that has been accomplished...together. She enjoys meeting your photographer friends and is intrigued by their passion of pictures. Keep following your passion. I am looking forward to our orange ribbon project. I am sure it will be perfect.
Sandra Ayala Bronx Creative Photography
Thank you Chelley!!! Pick up that camera and shoot...it's the ONLY way to learn. It's how I did it :-D
Hold on, to me as you go is one of my faves too! <3
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