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This year in Photos...

January 01, 2013  •  3 Comments

As I prepare to say goodbye to 2012, I cannot help but to reflect as many others do at this time of the year. We had some extremely trying times, sad times but among all that we had sheer and utter happiness. We finally purchased our first home and are so very happy to be blessed. Some things are not as they were before but life often hands us situations and we just simply have to deal. Having said that, on the photography front nothing has changed. I continue to work to create new pieces that inspire me, as well as, others. I continue to try and create stories with my photos that others will look at and be intrigued by. But as the new year rolls in I am planning to work more and also try to get my work out there. 

This blog will be about my continued journey with photography...I will be sharing updates and behind the scenes to my new work and any other fun stuff I can think of. We never know what a new year has in store for us but I'm hoping that this year we will all be able to accomplish great things.

Having said that, I thought it was time that I sort of summarized this year in photos. Many wonderful photographers do it and I figured...what the heck...someone might want to take a look ;) So without further ado...My year in Photos.


January 2012 was very prolific for me, It was as if I had gotten a second wind and my mind was as sharp as a tack and thanks to my new friend Laura I created, "High Tea, anyone?" Thanks Laura ;) Please check out her work!

Just trying to hold on...

Then I had the crazy idea to do a 52 week project of self-portraits and although I enjoyed the months that I actually got in the way and I didn't finish it. There were so many reasons for stopping the project and they all pain me but perhaps one day I will pick up my camera and photograph myself once more. 

Set Fire to the Rain

"Caged Bird"

I actually let fb friends and family choose the song that would be chosen as inspiration for this photo And the winner was Ivy  :)

One of my favorite shots of all year!!! My beautiful boy Nathaniel. He is one of my greatest Joys and truly my Muse :)

This was also chosen to be published in the book, Art Takes Time Square.

"Master of Books"

And so My second fave of the year titled, "Consumed by Hope."

A tribute to those living with an autoimmune disorder...

I did get to shoot with the lovely Michaela

A Page from my Past...

To Valentine with Love...


My Tormentors

In this Twisted Slumber

Follow me Until I get There...

Nathaniel's Nightmare's...or not

Say NO to Bullying

This one you will all remember struck me was a very difficult time for us all. Nate's a trooper though and has come out amazingly :)

Somebody's Muse 

Haunted Dreams

Wingardium Leviosa

For my love of Harry Potter of course and the very awesome Wand was made by an wonderful artist.

Manifesto of Minds Lost

This was also a very crucial piece for me...I had been throwing the idea around in my head for a while. I knew the motivation for and it was simply a sense of loss of control...just to have it handed back to me by the touch of my child.

Life's Sweetest Symphony

Tethered to the Fire

A Portrait of Her



Into the Woods

In a Black and White World

These Tangled Dreams I Weave

Everybody Wears a Mask

The Angel's Last Repose

This photo was my first chosen by Italian Vogue ;) 

Along Came a Spider

Sweet, Sweet Emilia

This title is extremely poignant because Emilia is my mommy's middle name. My mom was such a beauty when she was younger...she is still beautifully perfect <3

Spider's in the Attic

Summer Dreaming

This shoot was was taken in our backyard and Nate was truly and utterly mortified. He kept telling me that he would never forgive me if his friend Ariana came by and saw him like that. lol!! But he's such a good sport :)

The Burdens we carry

Yours to Release

I didn't take these at the same time but I feel the need to post them together as they are a pair :)

Little Girl Lost

Little Boy Blue

Did not take these together but thought it important to post together. My beautiful Goddaughter Kaycee and my boy Nate. 


Dance as if Nobody's Watching


Child's Play and Carefree

Her Story


Persephone's Spring

Persephone's Dark

The Power of 3

From within the Ashes

My Two Frida's

There is not much to say...I love me some Frida Kahlo

Beacon of Light

Suspend Me

Little Girls...Child's Play

Light from Within

He Who Conquered the Dark

The Protector 

The inspiration for this photo can be found here :) Thank you Christina

Dark side of the Moon

This idea was inspired by a remote control moon that Santa brought Nate for his wall.  You might want to also listen to this or this. Kryptonite is definitely one of my favorite songs :)

I think Kryptonite pretty much sums up my year. I hope that you all have enjoyed my pics for 2012...Make sure you leave a comment on the way out ;)

A special thanks to everyone who patiently posed for me while I indulged "my crazy."

And if there's anything in here that you would like to see a behind the scenes on or one of the steps that comprised it let me know here and I will create a new blog with those. 

Thank you again for your loyalty and support <3


















I am in awe of the beautiful art you put forth. I can not wait to see where your endless imagination and creativity will take us all in 2013. Looking forward to the journey!
All of them are beautiful and poignant in their own way. Such a keen eye to detail and a wonderful execution of the images and how they play out in your mind. I'm honored to even be mentioned :)
Keep doing what you do. Every piece is a masterpiece of Art.
Your visions are one of a kind... Love them all..
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