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A Pending Bond...Resolved

February 23, 2013  •  8 Comments

I have most certainly come to believe that there are forces at work in life that we cannot escape sometimes. It is the thought that everything happens for a reason and we are almost Always in the right place at the right time instead of the other way around. I often think about my grandmother and the valuable information she was giving me as I grew up. She taught me so very much that I have carried over into my adult life. That information has led me to appreciate simple stories of the amazing spirit that some humans have. I say some because, well, not every human has the inherent need for kindness in their lives. But enough about onto my story.

Approximately, a year and a half ago I got an email from a potential client. She was interested in one of my creative sessions when I was looking for someone in particular. Although, we did not get to work together we kept some type of communication throughout. When I decided to start work on my Angel Project this particular person emailed me and wanted me to use her beautiful girls for the project. I agreed and a date was set...

When she entered my home with her children I noticed a carrier with a newborn inside. The cutest little thing :) But I thought perhaps she was babysitting for someone because I didn't remember her ever being pregnant. I began explaining to her my expectations for the session and preparing the girls in terms of clothing. Once everything was complete...mommy had removed the newborn and I noticed that he had the most amazing blue eyes and reddish hair. I thought to myself, Oh my goodness what a beautiful baby and finally decided to ask mom who's baby it was. She looked at me with an expression that was a bit hard to interpret. I'm not sure if I can call it amusement but she did tell me that I wouldn't believe her story. 

It all began almost a month before when a 24-year-old woman appeared at mom's job demanding to have her pregnancy induced. Mom works at a hospital in the Bronx and this particular woman was irrational and insistent about having her baby and giving it up. Doctor's would hide from her when they saw her coming and wanted nothing to do with her at the time. Apparently, this poor excuse for a Mother decided that her baby was an inconvenience and to fix a relationship with her husband she had to get rid of the baby. You see...the story is that she left her husband and went to another State at which time she became pregnant. She returned to Nyc but could not reconcile with her man until she rid herself of the baby growing inside of her.  

One day mom decides to approach the woman and try to talk some sense into her but after getting no where she blurted out...I will take the baby. The woman stopped her ranting and stated, "You want can have him." At this point mom thought that the woman would not go through giving her the baby, for sure she would bond and automatically love this baby once he was born. This wonderful mother even told her that she would be with her during the delivery for moral support. 

When the day arrived mom was there with her own mother, as she sat at the foot of the bed she thought how it would all be ok once this woman saw her child. But that moment never came...when the baby was born he was cleaned up and as the nurse walked towards the woman, she stated " oh he's not mine, the mother is over there" and pointed to mom. As you can all imagine this wonderful soul was just made into a mom for a third time. Mom was overcome with emotion...handed the baby to her mother and went into the restroom to consult with God! 

The following days were filled with uncertainty but Love prevailed and this AMAZING soul and her equally as AMAZING husband welcomed into their homes a beautiful and healthy baby boy. 

A few days later the scene in the courtroom was surreal as the biological mother asked if mom had named the child. As you can all imagine...there is still some doubt that this woman will change her mind and take the baby away. The woman's answer should name him because he's your son, I'm not taking him back. It still blows my mind to think about the contrast in both of these women. So stark and resounding. One who is capable of overwhelming love for another being and one that is as evil as they come.  

As I conversed with mom that day while shooting my Angel project...I thought that there was an Angel in my presence. In my mind, she has saved this child's life and from now on he will only suffer the amazing fate of living with a family who loves him. Yes...I will take that fate Anytime!

There is much more to this story, little gestures of kindness from people, including from the pastor of her husbands church where he works. He surprised them with many supplies and equipment that they would need to care for their beautiful boy. And more importantly, the love I saw from his two big sisters. I watched as they carried and fed him...they coddled him and I did not doubt for one second that they were siblings.

A pending bond...has been resolved.

Who are these amazing people? Dad, Denis Ruiz; Mom, Ivette; Sisters, Nailyn & Keyani and last but not least Baby Elijah.

As I close I would like to remind you all that although there is great evil in this world there is also great Love and Spirit. We should live a life where we are not selfish with our own needs but giving of ourselves to those who need us and would benefit from having us in their lives. Do not take for granted this life that we have, for it is only just one. Take chances and spread your Spirit. 

Thank you for reading and please leave as many comments for this beautiful family. Share this blog and have others join in this story that will uplift and renew faith in people once more. 


Amazing Story... God Bless them.
Christina Colon(non-registered)
I cried like a baby, i love my cousins, God bless them
Wow :) god bless
Sandra Ayala Bronx Creative Photography
Thank you for reading Fred and expressing your opinion :)
An amazing story Sayala, thank you for sharing. If it were me, I wouldn't toss around the word "evil" so much. People can be messed up by life, and can make very bad decisions. But you can be sure that they are telling themselves a story in their own minds that makes sense to them, and rarely do people do things because they are simply evil. I don't think we live in such a black and white world. I'm glad there are loving people in this world who can embrace another's child, and love him as their own. They will need to consider what they will tell Elijah one day, about how he came to be their son.
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